Monday, June 11, 2012

half-way point!

I've been travelling around Spain for the last week and have just hit my half-way point!

I spent the majority of my first half in Madrid, catching up with friends who are just about to finish their international business degrees in the same program I was completing in Mexico. I was completely spoiled by my good friend June's hospitality - staying in her renovated, spacious apartment in a central location in Madrid made the first half of my trip so luxurious! Madrid has surprised me with its charm - lush green spaces/parks where people lay out and have picnics, restaurants that are open until late, and long lunches that start at 2pm and end anywhere past 3pm. It's also a completely walkable city - which is amazing!

Overall I think I've been able to beat the main tourist season by a week or two in Madrid and in Segovia, but after spending a long weekend (6/8-6/11) in Barcelona, I was overwhelmed by the throngs of people that flock to the city on holiday. But nothing a few glasses of cava can't fix!

After an hour of flying (or perhaps I should say vueling), I am now in Sevilla for a few days. It's hard to believe I still have another week ahead of me - not bad for my first paid vacation I must say! ;)

a short break from climbing the steep stairs in montjuic, barcelona