Tuesday, February 28, 2012

being alone and lonely are two very different things.

it amazes me that even after what, 5, 6 years of living on my own, I still find it so difficult to make myself a home, set a routine, make breakfast or lunch for myself, etc. today at the office while talking to some of the girls i work with, i blurted out "i think i need to make a few lifestyle changes". whether it is setting a new goal of working out an X number of times a week, setting a menu for lunch and dinner, and switching things up a bit in my morning routine, i've realized that living on my own is something that i have to get accustomed to.

no one will make me breakfast that i can grab and go unless i do it myself. there is no one to push me to work out and lead a healthier lifestyle unless i push my excuses and lazy ass out the door. i need to stop meagerly following the new, professional, new yorker life i have - i need to set my own pace and make it my own.