Monday, August 8, 2011


Market week is just about to come to an end for our international team. Almost all of our accounts have flown in to NY to see the Spring 2012 line, have been placing their orders for the first three months of next year, and they have all been keeping me quite busy. Today was probably the latest I stayed in the office (left around 8:40 pm) and on my way home, I felt the same amount of heaviness around my shoulders and my head as I felt when I came home from work at the W in Mexico. Except in Mexico I only worked until 7:00 pm (when there were no events) and almost always had a legitimate lunch break.

I've realized what made me so much more exhausted after a day of work in Mexico vs New York was the language difference. I was exercising my brain so much when the majority of my day was dedicated to speaking, writing, working in Spanish. I also think a lot of that time was spent making sure I was learning to say things the right way.

My new work now has me focused on Asia. The growth in Asia is tremendous - but can you really blame me for fully believing in the potential that is Latin America?