Sunday, June 5, 2011

11 year old me who made a time capsule 11 years ago.

When I was 11 years old in the year 2000, I made a time-capsule that was meant to be opened ten years later, in 2010. I made two capsules and last month my parents found one of the boxes while moving. I opened the box tonight with my family and we found:
  • a letter
  • an envelope with a crisp $10 bill (did I think I would need the money? or did I already know how happy I would be to find money after all this time?)
  • a straight A report card from Ivy Hall Middle School
  • a history exam that I got an A- on
  • a bundle of Time Magazine for Kids
  • copies of the Chicago Tribune from December 31st - January 2nd.
Other than the fact that I was a pretty sentimental kid, I realized that I also got Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide confused and got a little hasty when writing about evolution. For a few laughs on what a 11 year-old girl from Buffalo Grove, Illinois might have been expecting of the world, read on:

In the year 2010 and the FuTuRe.
 In 2010 I think that I will be a singer some day. I would be really famous and would sing really good. I would get married at the age of 23 in the middle of June on a Saturday. I will get married in Korea and have a humongous engagement in America. I would finish college. There will be no pollution and presidents would not be bad. Also schools would let students use the office phone, and take food out of the cafeteria. All the popular people that were in my school would get fat and have bad clothes.
All chemicals such as carbon-monoxide would go away. New species of animals in the world. There would be better technology and scientist and archaeologists would know things about Homo Habilus, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens, and Com Erectus. It would be so cool.
Fashion would be mini skirts with techno eye makeup. Every girl would be so pretty except the really ugly ones. This is what I think may happen.
By: Sunkyung Park