Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Given that it was only week three of co-op, I think I had one of the best (albeit busy) workweeks ever. Bobbi Brown had a three day training/conference at the hotel and they set it up beautifully. I'm beginning to see how cohesive certain brands can be when set with the backdrop of the W. The makeup brand's new campaign "Pretty Powerful" celebrates twenty years of BB success. As a part of artist training/exchange between BB and W, employees of the hotel got to get their makeup done! I ended up getting mine done twice because one of the directors, Rogelio, wasn't very satisfied with my first look. He definitely knew what to do with Asian eyes and it was really nice talking to someone from the states while getting a new look.

I've officially become the banquets/events photographer. I take photos of the food, drinks, table settings, etc. before a event starts for our archives and future clients. It's a fun way of involving one of my favorite hobbies into my work day - but sometimes the running up and down the stairs in heels gets a little tiring!

On Friday night, W Mexico City held an event called Symmetry Spins to launch the compilation disc made by the W Music Director, Michelangelo L'acqua. It was a fun event - I was "the girl with the list at the door" letting people in and giving VIP bracelets. There were so many photographers waiting for celebrities to walk in the door and some of them would take pictures of me when they got bored of waiting haha. Rogelio offered to do my makeup before the event - I am officially starting to love dramatic, smokey eyes!