Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I finished my second day of co-op today at the W Hotel in Mexico City!

My apartment is only a 15 minute walk away from the hotel and I really enjoy my morning and evening commute because the weather is pretty nice and I get to walk past old houses, restaurants, cafes and stores. Mexico City is so much more alive and bustling compared to Puebla! I like that I'm surrounded by so many people and places to go, but sometimes I wish I didn't have fellow commuters catcalling "chiquita" and "bonita" to me at 8:30 in the morning. Seriously... just get a coffee and go to work!

My first day was pretty slow in the beginning because the Director that I am working with forgot that she was receiving a co-op! After getting my W pin - the company doesn't use badges, just a little pin that indicates that you work there - I got a tour of the spa, banquet halls, and the restaurant. I did some reading on the company and the Sales department, reviewed some contracts on past events, and also wondered when someone would invite me to eat lunch with them. Seriously, when I am a CEO I will have a mandatory lunch for everyone and especially make sure that new employees get someone to eat lunch with. Regardless, someone asked me at 1:40 (I WAS STARVING) if I wanted to go eat and my hunger crankiness instantly disappeared when I found out that... lunch is free. Every day. I love working at a hotel.

After a pretty tasty lunch of rice, grilled meat, salad, and a banana, I went into a department meeting that lasted three hours full of ups and downs, laughter and anger, arguing and sighing. Such heartfelt, passionate meetings are pretty new to me. I think Americans are pretty good at keeping things in and letting go of their feelings through passive aggressive Outlook e-mails.

The W makes me feel like I'm in wonderland. There are so many doors and stairs that are completely invisible to guests. I'm actually encouraged not to take the main elevators unless I'm with a client. I know I'm only scratching the surface of hotels but I'm enjoying what I'm learning so far! Today I followed a co-worker to a meeting with Japanese clients interested in holding a corporate event at the hotel - I finally got to see the guest rooms and the penthouse and spoke the five Japanese phrases I know. (nts: Must learn Japanese) tomorrow my director is going to review a promo I made - I hope she likes it!

Back to wonderland tomorrow.