Monday, November 8, 2010

food of the aztecs

Today I tried something new thanks to my suitemate Diana! We went to Walmart (amazing how often I follow my suitemates to shop here) and I spotted something that looked like blue-ish moldy corn kernels in the produce section. Diana told me that it was an indigenous food called huitlacoche that Mexicans like to put in quesadillas. I tried tiny chili covered grasshoppers this weekend in Oaxaca so corn with fungus? Why not! The huitlacoche tasted really earthy - kind of like mushrooms but with a slightly sweet taste that clearly indicated that I was eating maize. Cooked with corn tortillas and queso oaxaca to make a quesadilla I was definitely feeling corn overload but it was an overall pleasant gastronomic experience.

Later tonight I went over to my friends' house because my Swedish friend offered to teach two Norwegians, an Austrian, a Spaniard and me how to make risotto. I don't know if I can make it as well as he did but all I know is that it involves a lot of patience and love (like most good things in life do). We had some good laughs over vino blanco and random youtube searches for naked dancing Swedish men, along with a live PG version of the famous Swedish "balloon dance" that started it all. (That probably made absolutely no sense to people who weren't with me at dinner... oops :P)

Sidenote: my stomach feels a little funky right now but I have no idea what caused it. Could be the huitlacoche, could be the risotto... thus is life in Mexico!
grainy picture but you can see the friendly faces :)