Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a place to share and love

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what I saw and did last weekend.

After a four hour bus ride I arrived at the Grutas de Tolantongo in the Mexican state of Hidalgo without any clue of what to expect. I think I experienced some of the best moments of my life and I can't seem to formulate anything longer than a sentence to describe all those special times. Moments I will cherish:

-exploring a dark cave with nothing more than water shoes, flash light, and a rope to guide me to the deep depths of the earth
-encountering the nicest sisters who shared their water shoes and flash lights without hesitation - and spending the rest of the day with them
-turning all the lights off to sit in complete darkness with other people completely enveloped by steam, hot water, and rocks
-sticking my head under gushing water to find a small crevice where I could hear the earth roar
-La Gloria
-floating in the water looking up at the sky and surrounding cascades; only being able to hear myself breathing
-jumping off a huge rock and having Mexican men and their sons cheer me on when I got scared
-borrowing goggles from a boy to see what was in the water
-sharing the same space with tiny fish and tadpoles
-hugging rocks to keep myself from moving with the water into the adjoining "natural pools"
-relaxing in a pool of naturally warm spring water while looking at the mountains with new friends
-loving the feeling of stepping in mud after walking barefoot on rocks
-realizing that what I saw today will never be the same