Monday, October 25, 2010

mini solo dates

I went to the historic center of Puebla three times last week and decided to make the most of my trip every time I went. On Monday after much debate and looking at maps, I took the bus to the centro. The guy sitting next to me on the bus offered to walk me to the Zócalo (town square) because the bus stop was further than I anticipated. After dropping off my broken analog camera at the camera store to be cleaned and fixed, I headed over to the Museo Amparo to see Annette Messager's exhibit. Mondays at the Museo Amparo are free! Such a nice surprise. On Wednesday I took a cab to the immigration office to pick up my visa (I'm legal now!) and pleasantly ran into my friend Stefan who shared a cab with me to the Zócalo to check up on my camera and meet up with my dear friend Ida. The light meter was still not working, so I went back on Friday, this time to a fully functioning camera and a new roll of film! Spent Friday afternoon at the artisan market El Parian and the antiques area called Los Sapos. Finished the day with a coffee at the restaurant at Hotel Mesones Sacristia. Perfection :)
Top Left Zócalo; Other shots from Museo Amparo (taken with my BlackBerry)