Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First day in Taxco

Taxco is a beautiful city in the state of Guerrero (the same state as Acapulco). I've come to realize that most cities seem to be just about four hours away from Puebla and bus tickets will typically cost about 600 pesos (around 50 USD) roundtrip. Taxco is often called the "Silver Capital of the World" because its economy and principal export is the glistening .925 precious metal.

My friends and I stayed at the Hotel Posada Santa Anita and paid a little extra for the stunning views on the terrace. Taxco often feels locked in time. The building codes require all homes and stores to be painted white, and everyone seems to have an affinity towards old VW Beetles. The city is flooded with old white "vocho" (what they call the old Beetles here) taxis that cause a lot of noise and air pollution, but fit well with the backdrop of the city.

The price of silver (jewelry, accessories, etc.) is nothing ridiculously cheap, but you can still find really unique pieces and barter if you are buying multiple items. The best deal I found was when I got something custom made and picked it up the next day. The men at the taller (workshop) kindly soldered a chain I had brought and were very thorough in their work. If you want anything engraved, it's really cheap and they do a great job in the smaller individual workshops.

Taxco is definitely a two-day destination. Will post about day two soon!