Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 1 of CUNI 2010

BUAP's campus is covered in Romero Britto's artwork. Fountains, flower pots, literally covered.
Today I went to the first day of CUNI (Congreso Universitario de Negocios Internacionales), a two day conference for students who study international business, international trade, and the likes. This year, CUNI was held at BUAP, a public university here in Puebla. I was curious to see a campus other than my own and I have to say... the schools here are really good at being ridiculously good looking.

The first thing I noticed this morning is that the majority of the students from my school, UDLAP, are overdressed. Well, I guess being overdressed can be completely relative so maybe a better way to say it is well-dressed. Especially the ones in my carrera (major) Negocios Internacionales. I mean, what can I expect from a group of people who dress business casual for class? (They don't even have a job to get to!) Today was a conference, so the well tailored suits with nice slim shoes and aviators were out since 8 a.m. (didn't pay too much attention to the girls. haha)

Other than the sartorial characteristics of my colleagues, I learned a great deal about Mexico and Brazil's symbiotic relationship, the appropriate steps to better position Mexico's economy, and the relationships Mexico should have with Central America and the Caribbeans. CUNI reaffirmed that coming to Mexico was the right decision for me. There is so much potential in this region, sometimes I get excited and fidgety just thinking about the possibilities.

I also realized that to achieve my goal of being fluent in five languages by the time I'm 30, I have to learn two more languages in eight years. I think I should start now. What languages do you want to learn? What languages can you recommend me? I'm thinking Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, German...