Tuesday, September 7, 2010

it's been one month?

I can do it I can do it I can do it!

I have a really busy week ahead of me and I'm trying to fill my head with positive thoughts.

I recently had to submit my first of many monthly reports to a professor/drill sergeant I have in Boston. I call him drill sergeant because he was the one who prepared all the BSIB students for our international assignments. I'm required to report to him each month with what I did, any conflicts/hardships I encountered, and my progress in reaching my SMART objective goals.

Here's a little excerpt of what I wrote in my report about when I first arrived in Mexico:
I departed from Los Angeles International Airport (where 48% of the population is of Latino or Hispanic origin) and continued on to a connecting flight in Phoenix, AZ (where I witnessed the strange and somewhat disturbing process of customs agents “randomly” questioning for documentation in the jet bridge), and I finally arrived at Benito Juarez in Mexico City only to feel like I was back in Los Angeles.

The thought of being in a different version of LA quickly faded as I soon realized that the “Amigos Internacionales” from UDLAP weren’t at the airport to greet me as promised. I was able to find the kiosk to buy my bus ticket to Puebla thanks to the men who wait outside of the gate with dolly carts to wheel your luggage. A 30 peso tip and a quick Spanish language warm-up later, I embarked on my two hour journey to Puebla and tried to pay as much attention to my new surroundings through the windows of the bus, but the Spanish dubbed version of Slumdog Millionaire was kind of hard to keep my eyes off of.

After getting dropped off at the bus station in Puebla, another man with a dolly cart led me and my luggage to the taxi stand (of course for a nominal fee) and I eventually made it to my dorm, Colegio Ray Lindley, all the while googling "Tip Mexican Cab Driver?" on my BlackBerry.

I ended up tipping him.