Saturday, August 28, 2010


My fingers are burning as I type this because of the jalapeños I minced for the pico de gallo my roommates and I made for a barbecue. We went to my roommate's friend Rodrigo's super chido (super cool) apartment in an area of Puebla called La Paz, cooking and eating and staring down the dark storm clouds that were headed our way. The view of Puebla from the rooftop garden was amazing! But of course that amazing view was cut short by the torrential downpour that happens once a day between the hours of 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. during rainy season. Every day is an adventure!

Quick self check:

Listening to a lot of Younha lately - she has the voice that I have always wanted since I was a kid. The local Korean church asked me to teach English and Korean on Saturday mornings... am I being selfish if I turn it down because Saturdays are my only days to travel with school friends? I can teach on a different day... Ehh I'll probably end up doing it.

I honestly don't think my Spanish has improved a lot. It's been three weeks... and I wasn't hoping for some miraculous ten-fold improvement in my language skills, but I still haven't seen a lot of change in sentence structure, reading, etc. I need to work harder on this. Maybe it's because I studied Spanish to an advanced level in college? 귀가 빨리 뚫여야되는데.

Things are getting worse up north. The US government is not allowing diplomats to bring their children to Monterrey - and I'm really starting to see how much of a bubble I am in here in Puebla. More the reason to get better at Spanish so I can find a good co-op in a different city.

Please keep me in your prayers!