Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The colegio I live in is called Ray Lindley. I live on the first floor to the left in building K with five other girls in a four bedroom suite. The girls I live with are all from different parts of Mexico: Maria from Cancun, Miriam and Lu from Veracruz, Diana from Mexico and I can't remember where Andrea is from at the moment. Each room is spacious and because we have a housekeeper that comes and cleans all the common areas (living room, kitchen, bathroom), there is very little to butt heads about! Security at night is tight - in a good way - and if you call reception they can order anything from sushi to a taxi for you!

Today was a day of retail therapy - the food kind. Maria, Miriam, Diana and I went to a supermarket in Cholula to buy food that is packaged (spaghetti, pasta sauce, etc), and also stopped by the local market to buy our produce and cheese. Maria has a lovely relationship with this old lady who has a tiny stall of vegetables. Before she stops by the stall, she always makes sure to buy a small flower for the shopkeeper who may not always have the freshest vegetables, but has the sweetest and most caring smile. I then proceeded to go to Walmart later at night with a friend and bought some Korean ramyun! :)
a little bit of what the market looks like on wednesdays