Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My first day of classes went well! I had no idea what to expect and couldn't remember which classes were being taught in English so each class was a surprise. I ended up having the first two classes: International Marketing and International Business Communication in English, and an International Ethics class in Spanish. The classes are small - no more than 25 students and there's a mix of internationals (US, France, Germany, etc.) and Mexican students. I already have a short essay due on Wednesday for the Ethics class and have decided to drop the Communications class because I already know how to present in English! The professor told us that the class will probably be a little too easy for native speakers so I'm going to take something a little more stimulating.

UDLAP is GORGEOUS. The landscaping is impeccable and dare I say this school has a more collegiate feel than some schools in Boston! Being in the dorms has its positives and negatives, positives being I can walk to class in about 3 minutes, amenities like a water cooler, daily maid service, all Mexican roommates; and negatives being strict rules on no boys in dorms after 11 (inapplicable to me - hola phil<3) and also no alcohol, but Camino Real (bars galore) is a five minute walk away so... no problem there.

After I finished my classes I signed up to try a yoga class on campus and ate with some friends near the "too small to be a lake but too big to be a pond" lago. And a little later, I hung out with some Korean friends I randomly made at Angelópolis (the closest shopping center) who have been living here for over 10 years and had a nice time getting to know how they grew up and how immigrant life is here in Mexico!

pictures tomorrow! :)