Friday, July 23, 2010

Is it time?

 pretty sure my dad will notice if his watch disappears...
 student visas

It hit me like... yesterday that I'm leaving for Mexico in just about one week! Students who have already completed their international assignment have told me that Mexico has a very long rainy-period so today I went to some stores with my mom to look for rain boots and ended up finding a nice pair from Diesel at Nordstrom Rack! This was a difficult feat given that it was almost 90 degrees without any moisture here in Los Angeles - and even Target doesn't think about selling rain boots in this weather!

I also got a tiny keychain pepper spray... just for precautionary measures and now I must unpack my things from Boston to be able to pack for my new experiences in Mexico. Doctor's appointments, dentist check-ups, Verizon global plans so that I can bbm with loved ones ♥. I'm almost ready.

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