Tuesday, July 6, 2010

how oh how

How do you stay cool on hot summer days? Boston hit 100 degrees at one point today and the whole day has been hot and dry. Despite this heat wave of course I was riding my bicycle around the city (one last ride before it's off to a new owner). I apologize if I'm being overly sentimental about my bicycle but I worked so hard to win (yes, win!) it and I'm afraid no price can justify its worth. Okay time to get over it!

I love keeping a small Evian facial spray in my purse on hot days like this. It's so refreshing! It's perfectly sized for travel (TSA approved!). Korean Airlines actually used to offer these on their flights a long time ago and my grandparents always gave me these mini Evian sprays. I remember thinking that they were the coolest thing when I was little - saving them in the refrigerator for little spritzes here and there. I still get surprised whenever I mist the spray :)

Perfect for the terrace on my campus, too!