Saturday, July 3, 2010

and now, i am 22 years old

I'm writing this as I nibble on leftover birthday cake from last night's little celebration with friends. It was an intimate gathering of friends at a not-so-intimate location: a Korean bar/restaurant called Myung Dong. In college I've come to the realization that I'm really Korean when it comes to drinking - I like to sit down, have good conversation and a lot of food in front of me. You're probably thinking "SK, these things are all attainable in American joints too" but there's something about the delicate nuance of Korean drinking culture that I've come to deeply appreciate after being exposed to so many drunk "bros" at the bars here in Boston. There's nothing like chasing a soju shot with a spicy stew!

I can't wait to throw a huge birthday party and invite all the friends and family who have been so kind to me my whole life. It will happen soon - look out for the invitation! xoxo
 thanks soozi for the picture and delicious cake!