Friday, June 18, 2010

celebrity shopping malls

Korean celebrities who may be a little past their prime, veterans of the industry, or simply taking some time off, have developed a rather genius way of generating extra income while fully utilizing their star power: their own carefully curated e-commerce store where they model the clothes and accessories.

These online malls have been overwhelmingly successful - like crash the server successful - which is pretty impressive given that South Korea has consistently topped internet performance rates and is one of the easiest countries you can get access to the web.

Just type in "연예인 쇼핑몰" (translated: celebrity shopping mall) in Naver and you'll find plenty of stores that will make you wonder why American celebrities resort to reality TV shows by default. Two very popular sites are Korean idol girl-group KARA's store and singer Baek Ji-Young and Yuri from the now defunct group Cool's store (image source).