Monday, May 24, 2010

let the sun beat down on us

Started the day with a brief rendezvous with Lydia at my house before she drove back to San Diego.
Christina and I had one day to spend together because she was in Korea for the majority of my stay back home. We started our day early and had brunch at Alcove. Do you see the cakes in the background? They were all huge and looked delicious. It's too bad we were too full from our brunches to have a slice! We really love sitting outside when we go to Alcove but it was too cold that day (ahem like 60 degrees haha) so we just sat at a breezy spot inside.

We then spontaneously decided to go check out David Choe's exhibit presented by Lazarides after our friend Dan told us about it the night before. Beverly Hills seemed like an odd location to showcase Choe's work, but everything was displayed so beautifully with impeccable lighting. It's definitely worth the visit if you're in LA!
This guy greeted us at the front of the gallery. There was one more blow-up creature waiting for us inside, too.
My lovely christina walking into the exhibit.
sP4055920             sP4055906
Choe paints really pretty girls. And if you can't see their face, they have hot bodies. I love that he adds mementos of his Korean heritage to some of his pieces - like he's sending a secret message to the people who can read and understand. Doesn't the second girl look like Hyori?

Boston's been making up for its unapologetic weather lately. I'm back on my bike, hanging out with the bf, going to summer school classes, and working just a little bit. It's kind of sad to think that this is my last semester on campus, but new things await!