Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blogger's Ball II

Despite last night's downpour, I put on my heels, took out my umbrella and trekked over to the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom in the South End to attend Blogger's Ball II, hosted by Design Salon Boston featuring panelists who have made an impact on the Boston blog scene: Erin Gates of Elements of Style, Liana Peterson of New Brahmin, and Jessica Sutton of JS Graphic Design and her inspiration blog Daucus Carota.

The showroom itself was enough to inspire me for one night but what really got me was the environment I was in. I was surrounded by strong, creative, entrepreneurial women who have and are always making their mark not only in Boston, but globally. I had never been surrounded by such impeccably dressed, poised, and kind people on such a dreary, rainy Tuesday evening!

There was a mix of people in attendance last night: photographers, interior designers, editors, writers, stylists, and of course, bloggers. About 50 women who all have an interest in blogging. LOVE IT.

Some highlights:
-When Erin mentioned how she loves Dooce and people actually knew who she was. I'm a shameless mommy-blog reading 21 year old.
-CONSISTENCY IS KEY - I promise I'll try harder!
-Everyone's blogs started with one reader: Mom
-Some people hire college students to blog and tweet for them? I would love to!

While many of us in Boston quarrel with the fact that "there is no scene", or "it's so small", and "it's not New York", I can't help but appreciate the fact that it's much more feasible and not quite daunting to get yourself in a new environment and meet new people in Boston. Thank you Design Salon, panelists, and all the lovely women I met yesterday!