Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

This time last year I was living in Korea and bowing to relatives I had never bowed to before, receiving envelopes of Korean ₩ in return. A lot of them were far too generous with their giving. It was as if all the bowing I would have done on the new year, had I grown up in Korea, was accumulated and given to me in lump sum.

This year I'm just in Boston as a regular ole student with no one to bow to but God (heading to church in a few mins!) I think I'll make dumpling soup tonight though... hehe.

And in celebration of Seol-Nal... here is a picture of me getting measured for my hanbok!
The hanbok I have on is just a sample. Will share mine soon :)
Picture 3
I got a hanbok custom-made last year. I have about five hanboks, which is not typical especially for a Korean-American, thanks to my hanbok-loving maternal grandmother! She definitely had a final say in most areas of customization (which I admit, was frustrating at times) but I'm just happy and thankful I got to experience something like that with her and now have a hanbok that is all my own!