Saturday, November 14, 2009

perfect balance?

Picture 5
La Crescenta, CA

I'm having a little trouble finding where I fit in the blogosphere.

I'm clearly not a fashion blogger, I don't really review products, I'm not good at sharing pretty images I come across in the endless abyss of design blogs (I have my friend love in details and alli for that!), I'm not a photo blog per se, nor do I write deep, self-actualizing posts (or am I capable of doing so unless I really try). So where do I go? Where do I fit in? Do I even fit in? Am I just a... plain old... blog?

A blogger identity crisis? Clearly a 21st century dilemma.


Oh btw! I cut some bangs last week because I got bored!
Reactions include double-takes in class, questions on when I got my hair cut, surprised looks when I tell people I did it myself, possibly sending a message to other girls that they should take a pair of fiskars scissors into the bathroom when they get bored... bad. haha