Saturday, September 5, 2009

silver things that fly

I was thinking about coloring the bird from the previous post bright pink, but Alli surprised me with a chrome spray paint when I came over to her apartment in search of a bird transformation. In expert blogger fashion, she also documented the process for me to post on viva la sk. Thanks, neighbor! I'm glad that I was able to give the little one a shiny facelift - I thought it deserved more attention in my apartment! I would also like to note that the fumes from spray painting in the corridor led to late night cupcakes and heart-shaped brownie baking.


I'm in a contest to win a bike. If you have a Facebook all you have to do is click "Like" for my photo. Will you please go to this link and graciously give me your approval? You know I've been wanting one for a long time!! Thanks loves :)