Friday, September 25, 2009

makes me coo

Many good things start with co-

coca cola
colocation (it's a really good thing for the internet!)

And ready for this?

coco cocoon.

I'm really liking Chanel's Coco Cocoon line and campaign. (I'm also beginning to think that the words "coco" and "cocoon" should only be written together in Chanel font.) The bags look so soft, pillowy practical, versatile... I wonder how they feel in real life? Anyways, Lily Allen looks great (but who wouldn't with a tiara like that!) and Daul Kim did the video campaign - super smiley and pretty! (She posted a full-length video on her blog.)

Oh and this cute girl was asked by Chanel to be the Coco Cocoon ambassador. Le BIG sigh! Someday, Chanel, someday! :)