Monday, August 31, 2009

Because Facebook can get boring.

Album after album of the same person taking pictures of the same people in the same place.

Honestly, how can one have 7 albums from their 1 week stay in Mexico? From one weekend at a bar?
Perhaps I lack of friends who keep me interested in Facebook... but despite the 988 "friends" I have on the social-networking site as of today, Facebook has been leaving me bored for the past few months. So much so that I am resorting to looking at profiles or photos of people I'm not even friends with - otherwise known as "Facebook stalk" (Oh the shame! Whatever.) - because of the pure lack of interesting content from the nearly 1000 "friends" I have.

So what does one do when they've reached the Facebook threshold?

  • Well, for starters you can try writing a blog if you're opinionated/creative/open/committed.
  • If you're not inclined to full-sentences or would rather have a scrapbook-like site: Tumblr works.
  • If you want to take 10 steps back in the advancement of technology, join MySpace (yeeahh... no.)
  • If you're hesitant to use Twitter or don't understand why it can be a great tool - make an account and start following people. There are enough people you know on Twitter now to make the ride comfortable and it's not too late to be considered in the late majority. Don't cross over into being a laggard!
I saw an interesting post highlighting the difference between Facebook and Twitter a while back:
"On Twitter you can follow interesting people, not just your friends... Facebook
focuses on who you know, while Twitter focuses on what you know" [source]
While Facebook has been great for keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances (for better or for worse), Twitter and blogs give people the freedom to roam and make new friends. Which is, in my humble opinion, a step above the rather confined networking setting on Facebook. But then again who knows - netizens are so noncommittal.


The little bird flew into my mailbox after I won a giveaway. Thank you Sweetshorn Vintage!
I'm considering spray painting the little bird to add a pop of color to my new room.