Friday, July 10, 2009

polarizing vacation

It's easy to forget that South Korea is still a country "at war" and that there are Koreans just across the border living life so differently in North Korea. One of the places that startlingly reminded me of the harsh truth was when I was at a resort on the north-east tip of the ROK called Sol Beach Resort in Yang Yang. The resort was on the coast, and while there was beach access in the daytime, there was also a large fence lining the shore which was locked up by 10 p.m. and patrolled by soldiers with AK-47s at night.

The juxtaposition was overwhelming. Paradise swiftly turned into locked wire fences with soldiers guarding the country. I was so close to the border yet so incredibly far from the country and its people - many of whom share the same ancestry as me.

I imagined this entry to be one of fun and laughter and excitedly sharing that I saw a member of Big Bang at the resort, but as soon as I posted the first photo, the whole entry turned a bit somber.