Sunday, June 28, 2009

healthy endeavors

I went to church today and decided to walk home because it wasn't raining.

There were two options of walking home: 1) Boylston Street 2) Newbury Street

But it breaks down more like this: 1) get home in 30 minutes with all money intact 2) get home in 3 hours with shopping bags or lusting over unnecessary luxuries

I took route one but still managed to stop by Paper Source (yikes), and saw that there was a Health and Fitness Expo at Hynes and stopped by that as well. I was expecting to go home with some health tips and maybe some pamphlets on nutrition but the place was just a huge carnival of companies promoting their products, pharmaceutical companies offering pens and mugs, random "celebrity" appearances, and dozens of sweepstakes.

It was great that there were booths from organizations that promote awareness of serious diseases, and I also had a nice conversation with a woman from Shriner's Hospital, but I felt like those booths were overlooked by the masses. The longest lines were for the booths that were handing out food and beverage samples! You're at a health and fitness expo people! Sigh...

It made me wonder if the people attending this expo really believed that these companies cared about their health. Maybe I'm a little jaded as a business student, but the expo felt like a really long commercial to me.

In the end, the only person who can care about your health is yourself! Treat your body well!