Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seoul Fashion Week

I didn't take very many pictures during the two shows I went to at Seoul Fashion Week but maybe you can get a sense of the ambience through these photos. I was hoping I'd be able to take pictures of some fashionable people but I left kind of uninspired in terms of street fashion but pretty excited after the last show of the day, Lee Young Hee.

I had a day pass but missed the first two shows. The first show I went to was Hwang Jae Bock and it was a wedding collection... but I didn't like it that much. How could silk look so... synthetic? After the show I had an hour to kill so I looked around the showroom tent and made a new Finnish friend named Maarit. She told me how she was getting all sorts of VIP treatment throughout the day because of her European looks. We ended up watching the Lee Young Hee show together and both loved all the hanbok-inspired pieces. The show was like a kaleidoscope of never-ending silk.


On a side note, Picasa photo manager has made my life infinitely easier.