Sunday, April 5, 2009

Look Across the East Sea

Gangneung is a coastal city overlooking the East Sea.

I spent a great weekend with my uncle and his family and stayed at their home in the Gangneung Military Airbase. (My uncle's in the Airforce.) Umm... how come nobody told me that there are golf courses and bowling alleys inside these military bases? I was told that many Korean bases have 9-par golf courses because the country doesn't want soldiers going far away to play golf while Korea is still technically a country at war. Smart move, smart move.

I have to say though, while some of Gangneung's beaches looked like images from a postcard, reality hit quickly when I saw barbed wire fences along the sandy coastlines in certain areas of the city. I wonder when Korea's coast will expand up to the border of Russia... someday?