Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kisses from KAIST

I have a genius cousin on my dad's side. In our family we often call her "the genius". She is currently attending KAIST (think MIT of Korea) and I visited her at school a couple of weeks ago. She's majoring in Electrical Engineering and possibly minoring in Business. She had a class in the morning so I sat in a Marketing class with her that was taught in English and surprisingly enjoyed it.

KAIST has an interesting policy - if at least one international student signs up for a class, that class is required to be taught in English no matter what. The class naturally turns into somewhat of a Konglish (Korean + English) class.

On a side note, do you ever feel more connected to the cousins you have on your dad's side? Something about sharing the last name, and in our family the first character of all my cousins' names start with "Sun". Sometimes I sense this unexplainable bond... but I wonder if it's just the patriarchy that I'm so accustomed to that makes me think this way?

P3124238 복사
I know... I don't look like KAIST material at all!
P3124234 복사
A "CC", or Campus Couple as they are called in Korea. My cousin and her boyfriend.
P3124233 복사
Looking up showtimes for a play in Daejeon in a KAIST dorm.

Next school to visit: Mom's alma mater, Seoul National University.