Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 Stringed Instruments

I had my first Gayageum lesson yesterday and it was so incredibly refreshing to learn something for the first time. I savored the awkwardness of trying to play a new instrument and the excitement of making my very first sound by plucking a silk string.

I was originally going to take private lessons with my Grandma (who absolutely loves instruments) but she backed out last minute and decided to have one of my aunts take lessons with me instead. I'm so thankful to have a halmuhni who is so supportive of my curiousity... she even bought a gayageum for me and my aunt to practice on. I'm so excited! It's such a beautiful instrument.

My right index finger started hurting only a few minutes into my first lesson and my legs kept falling asleep from sitting for so long! I hope my fingers toughen up and my legs start getting used to getting circulation with my legs crossed.

Eagerly awaiting the new gayageum so I can practice...