Monday, January 12, 2009


I am currently in the midst of preparing all the necessary documents to obtain a visa from the Korean Consulate... and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my mom! The website made it look pretty simple for me to get a long-term visa that would allow me to work in Korea if I chose to for up to 2 years... but there are so many documents that have the most complicated Korean words I've ever seen in my entire life. I had to get a family registry document mailed from Korea, officially renounce my Korean citizenship which makes me feel a little weird, oh and my mom has to do everything with me because I'm under 22? We are currently scavenging the house for yet another document that proves something else.

I'm actually not even supposed to be able to get the specific Korean-American visa (F4) that I want because I'm not 22, but the consul happened to walk by and took a look at my situation and I'm in the clear! At first I tried the "but I'm 22 in Korean age" thing, but it doesn't matter if you're considered a 1 year old at birth when it comes to applying for visas, I guess. Go fig!

My flight is on Wednesday the 14th and I'm finally in LA trying to get a visa! Busy busy!

Before I go, fellow Boston resident dreamecho (dream echo, not dream-e-cho as I used to pronounce it before hehe) tagged me to share 7 random tidbits about me. Here they are!

1.    I'm currently in my longest relationship to date (almost a year! 11 months) and am a very happy camper.

2.   In my opinion, I think Chicago, IL is the prettiest city in the United States. Especially at twilight or at dusk.

3.   I'm very sensitive to sound. I cover my ears before I cover my eyes when watching a scary movie!

4.   I like to eat pieces of a cake or pie, not small individual sweets. I like the fact that it is almost always shared (unless suffering a horrible breakup I suppose) and that it is a part of something bigger.

5.   I think Anthony Bourdain's demeanor is always very amusing

6.   I was a blogger on Xanga since 2000 and recently moved to Blogspot.

7.  My left pinky is slightly longer than my right from years of playing cello.

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