Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear _______,

Why is everyone in such a hurry to graduate from college? So that they can go work from 9-5 in an office? In a pharmacy? In a studio? Why? I've been working for a company since June as a part of my university's co-op program. 40 hours a week. 9-5 p.m. And while it's a good break from studying for exams and handing in homework all while gaining work experience, I can't help but say that Northeastern is really good at giving its students a reality check of what so many people call the "real world" is like.

I see so many people who come to work to exchange their time for money while it is evident that they would rather spend time with their kids- clearly expressed by the amount of time they spend in one day talking about their children. Don't get me wrong the people I work with are incredibly intelligent and I enjoy hearing cute stories about their kids... but. But. In the end being employed by someone doesn't really cut it. Imagine the type of lifestyle that you want after retirement. Imagine the type of lifestyle you want now! Do you really have the time and luxury to live as gloriously as you had imagined when you were a child? Why do people think that retirement is only for white-haired folks? How great would it be to retire at the age of 30 and have the rest of your life to travel, volunteer, and enjoy life? How great would it be to have an option to work because you want to, and not because if you don't, you'll go broke?

Why settle when you know you can do and have so much more? Why shrink your dreams to the amount of income you make?

Build a business. Make a system that works for you.

Are you with me?