Friday, October 24, 2008

something nice

My roommate walked into my room yesterday wearing a navy blue dress and asked me which tailor she should go to to shorten the straps on her dress.

I looked at the dress, and after playing around with the straps, I told her that it was not worth paying a tailor (especially on our college budgets) when you have a friend who can do it for free! She gleefully accepted my offer noting that the only thing she knew how to sew were the ribbons on her ballet shoes with dental floss. (Haha she's a ballerina.)
When I was finished pinning the straps, she looked at me through the mirror we were both facing and said, "you are going to be a great mom one day."
In turn, we both unexpectedly made each other's days a lot better.
Inspired by a blog that asked people to write something nice they would do this weekend or about a recollection of an act of kindness from someone else.